Welcome to Newnham’s JCR page!

So you may be thinking, what does JCR even mean? Well, good question. I’ll tell you.

JCR stands for Junior Common Room and is the student committee that represents the undergraduate members of our college, as well as being those big ol’ rooms that you may like to chill in with mates.

Newnham is a college that is full of dedicated, inspirational and talented women. Most of all it is a space for these women to develop and feel comfortable. As a JCR we seek to encourage the happiness and wellbeing of each student that makes our amazing college what it is. Each member of committee is passionate about representing your views in their field, in order to make your experience of Cambridge that bit more amazing. If you want to get in touch about matters that you want raised, please get in touch with the committee, whose information can be found in the tab above.

Amy Hutchinson

JCR President 2014-2015