JCR. Just what the Dickens does that even mean?
Confusingly, three things. Firstly, JCR stands for Junior Combination Room. So there are actual rooms in college called JCRs. But also the JCR stands for every undergraduate student at Newnham college. Why they use the same initials for both is beyond me. I guess it’s because Cambridge.
Then, more specifically the JCR is used to describe the committee of student representatives who speak for the rest of the undergraduate community, and ensure that everyone’s voices get heard. We are a democratically elected body who dedicate ourselves to guaranteeing that every Newnhamite gets the most out of their time here – from organizing ents, to providing welfare, from arranging Zumba sessions to consent workshops. At the core of our committee lies our commitment to the health, wellbeing and ultimately happiness of all Newnham students.
If you have any queries at all, our dedicated officers are on hand to support you during your time here. You can find out more about the committee members on the tab above.

Katie Akers

JCR President 2013-2014