Governing Body Rep

Hello everyone,

Yes, this indeed does have a bit of a deja-vu feel to it, but the JCR
Governing Body and College Council Rep position is currently up for
election again!

Although I’ve only been in the role for a few weeks, it has already been
incredibly enjoyable. It is perfect if you want to represent the student
body at the highest levels about anything from the exciting new building
project, to the slightly more mundane, you like the sound of a free
formal twice a term, and you enjoy wearing your gown.

The Governing Body rep is essentially the link between the JCR and the
senior members of college. You will sit on the Governing body meetings,
which happen twice a term, with the JCR president and secretary, and on
the College council, which happens fortnightly, with the JCR secretary.

The meetings are a great chance for you to speak out and be able to
initiate and bring into effect the changes we as a JCR wish to see. You
will need to be polite, persuasive and professional in your interactions
with the Senior members to get your voice heard while being the most
junior person in the room. You’ll also need to be able to feed back
goings-on to the JCR and generally get a feel for the student views.

What you will get out of it: CV points, the chance to interact with Dame
Carol herself as well as the other senior members, the chance to see
change take place, and some really good food!

Any questions? Email me on or
and I’ll be happy to chat to you about it.

It’s a really great role – so go for it! MANIFESTO DEADLINE 13TH



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