Welfare Officer

Hello all!

Hope you had a good weekend. As I'm sure you're aware by now, the JCR 
elections are coming up and my role is up for grabs! It's a very 
important and fun position and I'd really encourage you to run for it.

Being welfare officer has been an extremely rewarding experience. The 
main commitments involved are running welfare tea every week (which is 
really fun, and a great excuse to sit and drink tea and chill out with 
lovely people) and distributing sexual health supplies upon request, 
which doesn't take up very much time. The welfare officer is also the 
go-to person for support in college; this may sound daunting, but you 
get training from CUSU in listening skills and sexual/mental health, 
enabling you to individually support Newnhamites and point to further 
resources in Cambridge. There's also the welfare team in college - 
Women's officer, Academic and Disabilities officer, LGBT+ officer and 
President all have a welfare component to their role so you definitely 
aren't alone!

Running welfare events is great fun as well - you really get a lot of 
freedom to organise what you think will go down well, and there's a 
nicely sized budget to play around with. The favourites are 
text-a-pancake, ice cream sundae-sunday and reverse trick or treating, 
but you can add as many things as you want! It really feels like a 
chance to give back to the college and make people smile!

Being on the JCR committee also means you get a chance to have some 
input in the goings-on around college. Attending weekly JCR meetings and 
termly joint committee meetings with senior members is a really 
interesting insight into how college is run and how we can make it 
better. Another obligatory point to note is the CV points which come 
with being part of the JCR.

Overall, welfare is a very variable position and I've learnt so much 
over this past year - I'm so glad I decided to run last michaelmas. If 
you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask - reply to this 
email and we can have a chat about it!

Welfare love,

Pip x

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