JCR Elections – reminder

Hello Everyone!

Just a reminder that the deadline for manifestos for JCR elections is 

JCR is a lot of fun and being on the committee allows you have a 
meaningful impact on college life.  Anyone can run for election, and no 
previous experience is required - all you need are some great ideas and 
lots of enthusiasm.

The positions available in the Michaelmas are:

PRESIDENT jcr.president@newn.cam.ac.uk
FRESHERS PRESIDENT  fk287@cam.ac.uk
WELFARE OFFICER pj300@cam.ac.uk
TREASURER jcr.treasurer@newn.cam.ac.uk
GOVERNING BODY REP bmj27@cam.ac.uk

Your manifesto should be a maximum of 400 words and the paper copy 
should be signed by a proposer and a seconder (two other members of the 
college who aren't running for election).

Please send me a digital version and pidge me a paper copy by midnight 
on Thursday.

Hustings will be held at 4pm on Sunday in the Barbara White Room.  Each 
candidate will be invited to give a 2 minute speech about why you should 
vote for them and there will be an opportunity to ask questions.

If you have any questions, email me and I will get back to you as soon 
as possible.

Best Wishes,

Newnham JCR Vice President

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