Freshers’ President

Hi everyone! :)

I'm Fruzsi, and I'm the Freshers' President this year.

The role of Freshers' President is one of the roles to take
over in the elections coming up!

The main part of being Freshers' President is organising next
year's Freshers' Week. For this, you will have to set up your
committee, make the Freshers' Handbook, and get the programme
for the starting week. You are also in charge of organising
college families and subject reps. (You can talk to the
ents officers and share this task) One of the good things
about this role is that you end up doing most of the work for
Freshers' week over the summer so it doesn't eat into too much
of your time in Cambridge.

As Freshers' President, you also attend weekly JCR meetings
in which the JCR discusses problems and issues within college.
It's a great way to get involved in college life and you get to
find out more about how Newnham works.

Being Freshers' President is great fun, as you get to meet all
of the freshers and you can create their first week according to
your image of a perfect start, and you get to re-live Freshers' Week!

Everyone can apply, even if you are a fresher!

So what should you do now?

1.)Write a manifesto for Thursday!
What is a manifesto? It's a short essay (max 400 words) about you,
the role you would like, and why people should vote for you, what
you would bring to the role.

2.)Get two people to sign it!
Once you've done this, you have to get the paper version signed
by two other students, who aren't running in the elections.

3.) Send other copies!
Please send an electronic version to
and pidge Immy a paper copy (signed).

4.)Come for the Hustings on 16th November!
And give a short speech (~2 minutes) about your intentions, and
answer some questions, to convince everyone that you are the best
one running for the role!

If you've got any questions about the role of Freshers' President and
what it involves, feel free to ask away!

Fruzsi x

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