Academic and Disability Support

Hey Newnhamites!

I’m Elisa, your Academics and Disabilities (A&D) Officer. I’m a second-year geographer hailing from sunny Malaysia.

What does my role involve? Well, I’m here to support all Newnhamites in their academic endeavours (i.e.: I’m here to make sure y’all don’t die from the sheer volume of work). One of the ways I do this is by hosting ‘academic tea’ every week, where you can come and do your work in a relaxed, biscuit-filled environment (yay for free food!). Keep an eye out for my weekly email bulletins, as they’ll tell you the location and time of each tea!

Additionally, I’m here to help and represent Newnhamites with disabilities or health problems – be they physical or mental, visible or invisible. I strive to ensure that your time at Cambridge is not affected by any disabilities that you might be dealing with. If you need advice on managing your disability whilst at Cambridge, I can direct you to sources of support and help. Whether or not you’ve been ‘officially’ diagnosed doesn’t matter; if you self-identify as someone with a disability, then I’ve got you covered!

The disabled students’ community in Cambridge is incredibly helpful and supportive, so please don’t worry about what life will be like with a long-term health problem or disability, as you are absolutely not alone!

Feel free to email or FB message me if you have any comments, suggestions, questions or concerns

If you want further support in Newnham:

  1. Newnham’s Counsellor: Tom Godsal (
  2. Your Tutor
  3. Your Director of Studies
  4. The Academics and Disabilities Officer ( or the Welfare Officer (

Academic Support

Want some general tips on how to study for different subjects? Check out the CUSU website.

If you want some more specific help from a professional author for your essay writing, why not get in touch with one of Newnham’s Royal Literary Fund Fellows? The RLF Fellow will be happy to discuss all aspects of academic writing, from first-year essays to postgraduate theses. Find them here to book an appointment. Areas of assistance may include:

  • Generating ideas and themes
  • Planning
  • Improving structure
  • Developing argument

I’ve recently set up the new ‘Subject Mum’ scheme where third years make themselves available to students in younger years in their subject to provide academic/moral support and advice. It might just help to hear from someone who has been through your problems already so do make use of the scheme! Check your inbox for an email from your subject mum, or if you’ve lost it email me and I’ll put you in touch.

If you would like paper copies of Dr Sam Lucy’s Time management, essay writing sheets, email me at and I will pidge it to you.

Finally, make sure to keep an eye for weekly Academic Tea in the Buttery! Bring some work and have tea and cake with us 🙂

Disability Support

The disability resources section is currently being updated. In the mean time, please see the Disability Resource Center, contact your tutor, or e-mail with any questions.

Career Support

The University has a great Careers Service, you can book an appointment with them if you’re feeling unsure about your future. The whole website has lots of other extremely useful resources too.

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