Hello all, my name is Miske Ali, the BAME (Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic) officer for Newnham! My term is from Easter 2018 to Lent 2019 and will be working hard to make Newnham as comfortable and kind to all BAME students. My role is to represent and advocate for BAME students at Newnham on a collegiate and university-wide platforms.

I am responsible for representing Newnham on the BME liberation campaign on CUSU and connecting with other BAME officers to make Cambridge as inclusive as possible.

Cambridge can be daunting for BAME people and so my responsibility’s range from providing emotional support to organising safe space events. The events I have organised range from welfare teas to black history month chill to a fresher’s social. Keeping Newnham warm and loving is a top priority.

In addition to this, intersectionality is important here at Newnham so organising events with fellow liberation campaigns is also a priority. The JCR is working hard to ensure students feel supported and represented by their committee.

Please feel free to send any questions, queries or comments to

There are various other platforms you can contact for solidarity so check out the following links!

Newnham College BME Students

BME People of Newnham


CUSU BME Campaign

Also, check out the various cultural and religious societies using the CUSU societies page.