COVID-19 Welfare

The JCR have put a collection of resources together to offer information, advice and support for all students during the COVID-19 outbreak.

As well as the range of welfare support available, the usual financial support provided by college can be accessed by contacting your personal tutor.

Mental Health

Mind have some resources for looking after your mental health during lockdown:

Find your local mutual aid group here:

The Counselling Service have put together a list of resources to help students with accessing mental health support during the crisis

For information on student wellbeing and for further resources put together by the university:

Financial Support

Information on Coronavirus and Universal Credit for students:

Check for benefit entitlement here:

For any privately renting students: London Renters’ Union resources on your rights as a renter –


CUSU LGBT+ have set up a page for trans/nb students called Trans Students of Cambridge

CUSU LGBT+ have set up a peer support group for any LGBT+ students:

Stonewall have a collection of resources here for LGBT+ people:


The CUSU BME Campaign has set up a BME penpal scheme (, and are posting welfare tips on their page every Wednesday.

Disabled Students

CUSU Disabled Students’ Campaign have put together a selection of resources and guidance on teaching and exams:

Sexual Assault Support

CRCC (Cambridge Rape Crisis Centre) have been sharing resources and support for survivors on their Facebook page – their helpline is open 7pm to 9.30pm (01223 245 888) and you can always contact them via email:

The University’s Sexual Assault and Harassment Advisor is still taking appointments – contact her by email or via the form on the website:

Women’s Aid safety advice for survivors:

This website collates loads of resources and information – from guidance on hygiene and accessing meds, to advice for those living with HIV, to resources for sex workers:

As well as the resources above there is also support available through college. Your personal tutor and the college councillor, as well as JCR welfare and liberation officers, are all available to help any student and ensure they get any support they need.