Laundry and Linen Room

Laundry Facilities

Newnham has five laundry rooms. The prices vary depending on the building. Access is limited to the Rosalind Franklin Building laundry room, but the others are open to all.

Piele has 4 washing machines costing £1.40 and 3 driers costing £0.20.

Sidgwick: 3 washing machines costing £1.60 and 2 driers costing £1.00.

Old Hall: 1 washing machine costing £1.40 and no driers.

The Rosalind Franklin Building: has 3 washing machines (no charge) and 2 driers (no charge).

Dorothy Garrod Building:  4 washing machines costing £1.60 and 4 driers costing £1.00

Linen Room

The college has a linen room located in Sidgwick where, once per week, you can exchange the linen provided by the college. Take your old sheets, to the linen room and the staff will give you a fresh set. Of course, you are welcome to bring and use your own sheets/towels as plenty of us do!

Opening hours:

Monday-Friday: 8-10.30am

Wednesday: 1-2.30pm

Closed on Saturdays and Sundays except for occasional openings on Saturday at the end of the term. Check the notice board outside the linen room and look out for emails notifying you of this.

During the Long Vacation, the linen room is only open Monday 8-10.30am