Intro to the JCR

From the JCR Committee President, Sophie

I’m Sophie (she/her), a third-year Geographer and the President of the JCR committee. First off, it’s really exciting that you’re going to be coming to Newnham in October and joining this brilliant community. I was pooled to Newnham initially, but now can’t picture being anywhere else. There are about 370 undergrads at Newnham, and the JCR Committee is made up of 23 undergrads, elected to represent the views of the student body and advocate for positive change in the college.

My role is to chair weekly JCR Committee meetings, where students’ issues and opinions are raised, and attend college committee meetings to advocate on behalf of students. Some of the JCR’s projects this year have included working with our bursar Chris to make rent fairer, meeting with our admissions tutor Sam to clarify that Newnham welcomes trans women and getting a petting zoo into college to provide a break from work during exam-term!

The JCR Committee has a 6-member Exec, who run the Committee – myself, 2 Vice Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer and Governing Body Rep. We have 6 liberation officers, who advocate for minority groups – LGBT+, BAME, Academic & Disabilities, International, Access and Women and Non-Binary. The rest of the Committee includes various officers – 2 Welfare, Green, Sports, Halls (accommodation), Estates (gardens, library etc), IT, Ents (organising social events in college), Freshers’ President and June Event President. 

If you have any questions about life at Newnham, please be in touch with any of our brilliant JCR Officers or myself if you’re not sure who to contact for an issue – feel free to add me on Facebook or email me at

I’m really excited to meet you in Freshers Week and, in the meantime, know that the JCR Committee and the whole Newnham community are here to support you on your journey through University. I’ve learnt more than I can say in my two years at Cambridge, and met some inspiring people along the way, so get excited about all that Cambridge has to offer, and see you in October!

For more information on members of the JCR Committee and how they represent you within college, please check out the link below!