Intro to the JCR

From the JCR Committee President, Hanna

Hi everyone! I’m Hanna (they/she), I’m a second-year MML student at Newnham and I’m your current JCR President.

Newnham really is my home, and I’m incredibly proud of the warm and supportive community we have here. There are about 420 Undergraduate students in the college, and the JCR Committee is made up of 20 of them – elected to represent the views of the student body and advocate for positive change on their behalf.

My role on the JCR Committee is to chair our weekly meetings, and to act as a voice for the Undergraduates in College meetings such as the Council and Governing Body. Within this, my aim is always to champion the interests of the students on big issues such as admissions, rent, and welfare. During my Presidency so far, we’ve seen some big steps forward such as the introduction of a Class Act Officer, the college committing to full divestment from fossil fuels by 2030, and Newnham’s agreed participation in the DSC AccessAble audit of disability access in the Colleges. Currently, we are lobbying the College management to seek Living Wage accreditation for Newnham, and to create easier routes to admission for Transgender students.

The JCR Committee has a 5-member Exec, who run the Committee: myself, 2 Vice Presidents, Secretary, and Treasurer. We have 6 liberation officers, who advocate for minority groups: LGBT+, BAME, Disabled Students’ Officer, Class Act Officer, International, and Women and Non-Binary. The rest of the Committee consists of a variety of officers – 2 Welfare, a Green Officer, Sports and Societies, Halls (accommodation), Ents (social events), Food and Drinks, Access (outreach and widening participation), the Freshers’ President, and a Garden Party President.

If you have any questions at all about life at Newnham, please feel free to get in touch with me or any of our brilliant JCR Officers. Feel free to add me on Facebook or email me at We also have an anonymous submission form for anything you’d like to raise with us anonymously, available on our Google Drive and at this link

I’m so excited to meet you, as are the rest of the JCR Committee and the whole Newnham community! I know that coming to Cambridge can be an incredibly daunting thing, but we are all here to support you, and so eager to make sure that your experience is a positive one.

I feel very confident that, before you know it, you too will see Newnham as your home, and have friends for life among our lovely students. So good luck, enjoy this new chapter, and I’ll see you soon!

For more information on members of the JCR Committee and how they represent you within college, please check out the link below!