JCR Committee

Rosie Stevenson – JCR President [jcr.president@newn.cam.ac.uk / rjs261@cam.ac.uk ]

Hi! I’m Rosie (she/her), a second-year MML student and the JCR President. I chair weekly JCR Committee meetings with a focus on creating a strong sense of community and making sure the students here have pride in the college and what it stands for. I also represent undergrads on College, Council, Governing Body and work to connect students to staff and fellows. If you have any questions or queries, there is nothing too big or too small that the committee can’t handle! My door is always open and I’d be happy to hear from you!

Rachel Crampton – JCR External Vice President [jcr.vicepres@newn.cam.ac.uk / rc752@cam.ac.uk]

Hi! I’m Rachel, a second-year HSPS student and External VP of the JCR! My role is to help the President and other officers with any tasks they need by attending meetings, liaising between officers etc. I represent the JCR on the CUSU Council and any other student bodies which are in the interest of Newnham JCR. If you ever have any questions, suggestions or comments please let me know!

Sam Harding
Sam Harding – JCR Internal Vice President [jcr.vicepres@newn.cam.ac.uk / sh998@cam.ac.uk]

I’m the Internal Vice President for Newnham, a second-year HSPSer, and the first person to fill this new role! I’m primarily responsible for helping the President with their role, and running JCR elections. I also act as the returning officer for the CUSU elections, and attend other meetings with Newnham’s senior staff as part of the executive team. When I’m not doing all that, I get to help other officers with their roles, and jump in on projects that need another pair of hands. I spend most of my time getting sunburned in the gardens, so if you see me melting on the grass please move me into the shade and tell me anything you want raised to the JCR!

Isobel Marchant
Isobel Marchant – Welfare Officer [jcr.welfare@newn.cam.ac.uk / irm41@cam.ac.uk]

Hey! I’m Isobel, I’m a third year medic and one of your JCR welfare officers. Along with my fellow welfare officer Millie, my role is to ensure everyone feels as comfortable as possible during their time at Newnham. In particular, this involves running weekly welfare teas and other welfare events, distributing sexual health supplies, and generally being a friendly face for you to talk to about anything that’s getting you down. In addition to this, I aim to extend the role to include providing basic medical supplies and organising drop-ins to create a private space for anyone who needs to talk.

Cadi Gwyn Edwards – Welfare Officer [jcr.welfare@newn.cam.ac.uk / ce369@cam.ac.uk]

Hey! I’m Cadi, a second year MML student! As Welfare officer, my role is to be a friendly face around Newnham that you can turn to about anything that may be troubling you. I’m here to offer support or advice whenever you need it! I also host regular events such as welfare tea with the other welfare officer which gives you an opportunity to come and relax with some colouring and treats! As well as welfare tea, we will run bigger, less often, events and also host a few welfare raffles. We also provide free sexual health supplies in the welfare pidge or available to order via a google form.

Faith Nagra- Treasurer [jcr.treasurer@newn.cam.ac.uk / fjpkn2@cam.ac.uk]

Hi! I’m Faith, a second year Economist and your JCR treasurer. My role involves making and overseeing the JCR budget, reimbursing committee members and allocating funding for the Clubs and Societies grant in Michaelmas, and the Sportsperson’s grant in Easter

Jasmine Wells
Jasmine Wells – Secretary [jcr.secretary@newn.cam.ac.uk / jdew3@cam.ac.uk]

Hi, my name is Jasmine. I am a third year Psychological and Behavioural Sciences student and your secretary. My role is to take the minutes at the JCR weekly meetings, as well as represent the members of the JCR at the College Council and Governing Body. My main aim for my time as secretary is too keep the amazing work of the JCR accessible to the wider student body, and make sure that everyone is informed about the aims and work of the senior college committees.

Amber Obasi – BAME Officer [jcr.bame@newn.cam.ac.uk / eoao2@cam.ac.uk]

Howdy friends, I’m Amber Obasi, a 3rd year Law student and your BAME Officer! My role is to represent all BAME students at Newnham. In particular I organise meet-ups and am a voice for your issues at a College level. During my time on the JCR I want strengthen relations between BAME students at Newnham and to work alongside the other liberation officers (welfare, LGBT+, international) to promote a more inclusive college community that respects and caters for the unique requirements.

Ruth Moss – Access Officer [jcr.access@newn.cam.ac.uk / rm879@cam.ac.uk]

Hi everyone! I’m Ruth, the JCR Access Officer, and I’m currently in my third year studying History. As Access Officer, my role is dedicated to making Newnham as welcoming and as accessible as possible for students from under-represented backgrounds, be they looking to apply or already studying here. You’ll find me co-ordinating with college staff, our amazing Newnham Access Ambassadors, other members of the JCR, and with students across the uni to do this, be it through external school presentations, tours, shadowing schemes or financial help workshops. If you see me around – please say hi! And feel free to email me with all and any questions about access that you might have!

Maia Eyre-Morgan – LGBT+ Officer [jcr.lgbt@newn.cam.ac.uk / me441@cam.ac.uk]

I’m Maia (they/them), and I do Phys NatSci. As your LGBT+ officer I advocate to make sure Newnham is an inclusive, welcoming space, and run LGBT+ social events in college. I’m always available to answer any questions or concerns relating to LGBT+ life in college.

Marisa Clements
Marisa Clements – JCR Women’s Officer [jcr.womens@newn.cam.ac.uk / mc2019@cam.ac.uk]

Hi! I’m Marisa (she/her) a third year HSPS student and your Women’s and Marginalised Genders Officer! My role is to make sure our college a welcoming and comfortable space for all women and nonbinary people, which includes working on our trans students admissions process to make it more inclusive and to make the college accessible to trans women, attending forum meetings of the university’s Women’s Campaign (WomCam) and feeding back information between WomCam and Newnham, and working to make the college’s procedure for dealing with sexual misconduct clearer and more accessible. I will also be running consent workshops in freshers’ week and feminist craft sessions throughout term time – look out for more info on these! Always feel free to contact me about anything at all – I’d love to hear from you!

Agnieszka Pajak – International Officer [jcr.international@newn.cam.ac.uk / ap2029@cam.ac.uk]

Hi y’all! My name is Agnieszka, I’m a third-year Politics and International Relations student and your International Students’ Officer! My job is to represent non-Uk students and give voice to their particular issues and needs. Generally, I’m tasked with taking care of those students’ needs that may be unfamiliar to other officers, and organising the international storage. During my time in office, I want to create a sense of community among non-UK students, create a network network of support and information concerning matters people coming from abroad may face in Cambridge, and cooperate with other officers to address issues concerning, for instance, incoming international freshers, people of colour, and LGBTQ+ people.

Rowenna Patten – Academics and Disabilities Officer [jcr.academic@newn.cam.ac.uk / rp600@cam.ac.uk]

I’m Rowenna, your academic and disabilities (A&D) officer. I’m also a third-year theologian! My role is split into two parts- the first being to support all Newnhamites with their academic work (including those who are feeling completely snowed under by the workload!) I host an ‘academic tea’ every week where you can come to work in a relaxed environment and ask for help should you need it. For those who need a break from work, you’re also always welcome to attend for free biscuits and a chat! Look out for my weekly emails to tell you the time and location of the tea, or click ‘going’ on the Facebook event for updates.

Sitara Bartle – Sports Officer [jcr.sports@newn.cam.ac.uk / sb2224@cam.ac.uk]

Hi everyone! My name is Sitara and I’m a current third year student studying Classics here at Newnham and I’m delighted to be able to represent you all as Sports Officer on the JCR. I hope to be able to expand the involvement of all students across the wide variety of sports activities which we are fortunate to have at Newnham, and to discover more alternative fitness classes which suits all abilities and talents! Having had experience representing both Newnham and Cambridge within different sports, I appreciate the importance of a healthy mind and body so hope to collaborate more with the Welfare Officers, in the form of weekly foodie inspiration as well as a motivational quote! Please send me a message or email if you have any ideas and I will be very happy to help!

Georgia Mason – JCR Estates Officer [jcr.estates@newn.cam.ac.uk / glm36@cam.ac.uk]

Hello! I’m Georgia and I’m a second year studying geography. I’m the JCR Estates Officer and I’m here to hear any issues or ideas you have relating to the gardens, the library, and other spaces in Newnham such as the Old Labs and the observatory, as well as college artwork and other valuable possessions owned by the college. I sit on three committees – Garden, Library, and Valuable Possessions – acting as a voice for the student body, so please feel free to contact me or speak to me in person if you have any comments that relate to these areas of college life!

Rosie – IT Officer [jcr.it@newn.cam.ac.uk / rs2023@cam.ac.uk]

Hi! I’m Rosie, a second-year geography student and your IT Officer. It’s my job to keep the website up to date and to help the JCR with any tech issues. Please let me know if you have any suggestions for the JCR website!

Imo Davis and Ella Sumner – Ents Officers [jcr.ents@newn.cam.ac.uk / es796@cam.ac.uk ird32@cam.ac.uk ]

Hi our names are Imo and Ella, we are in 2nd year and study History and Geoghraphy. We are your ents officers and our role focuses on the non-academic side of Newnham. We’re organising inclusive events to make this term as fun as possible for everyone. Hope to see you all there!

Katie Best – Halls Liaison and Administration Officer [jcr.halls@newn.cam.ac.uk / klb89@cam.ac.uk]

Hey! I’m Katie, a 2nd year MMLer and your Halls Officer! My role is to act as a bridge between you, the JCR and college staff regarding concerns and suggestions related to accommodation. One of my main roles is helping with the organisation of the room ballot each year! But besides that, my main aim is to listen to student feedback on accommodation and work with college and the JCR to act on this in the most effective way possible.

Charlotte Cutter – Freshers President [jcr.freshers@newn.cam.ac.uk / cmc209@cam.ac.uk ]

Hello! My name is Charlotte and I’m a first year studying Geography; I’m always up for a chat and a cup of tea! I’m the JCR Freshers President for 2020 and will be working with the fantastic Freshers Committee in college to create a Freshers’ week that is fun and inclusive for all, as well as supporting new Newnhamites to settle into Cambridge throughout their first year.

Gabby Handberg – Green and Ethical Affairs Officer [jcr.green@newn.cam.ac.uk / gsh31@cam.ac.uk]

Hi! I’m Gabby (she/her), a second year studying HSPS and your JCR Green and Ethical Affairs Officer. I hope to represent you in all matters ethical and green and will work in unison with other JCR officers to deal with the issues and implement the ideas of the Newnham JCR – from making sure our college invests ethically and sustainably, to ensuring the vegan options in the buttery and at formal are available and tasty! If you ever have any questions, concerns or ideas, feel free to send me an email or approach me in person!

Una Foy – Food and Drinks Officer [uf202@cam.ac.uk]

Hi! I’m Una (she/her), a second year studying History and Politics, and your JCR Food and Drinks Officer. My role is to liaise between the JCR Committee and the Bar Manager and catering staff and to listen to and act on student opinions and suggestions regarding bar and catering issues to ensure college food and drink is the best it can be! I’ll also be closely working with the Green Officer to minimise food and drink waste around college. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding anything to do with the buttery, cafe, bar or formal food please get in touch!

Harriet King – June Event President [jcr.juneeventpresident@newn.cam.ac.uk / hnk23@cam.ac.uk]

Hi I’m Harriet (she/her), I’m a second year Classicist and I am June Event President! I’m in charge of electing a June Event Committee to design, budget, organise and oversee the event and I represent Newnham in all city council meetings related to May Balls. I also work closely with the senior staff in the college on matters relating to the June Event.