JCR Committee

The JCR Committee is made up of students at Newnham who represent their peers. If you have concerns which you feel would be better raised at a College level, please contact tutorial.office@newn.cam.ac.uk.

Hanna Doherty – JCR President [jcr.president@newn.cam.ac.uk / hd448@cam.ac.uk ]

Hi everyone! I’m Hanna (they/them), I’m a second-year MML student at Newnham and I’m your current JCR President. I chair the weekly JCR committee meetings am a representative for the student body at College Council and Governing Body. My job is to act as a link between students and the College, making sure your concerns are addressed and that there is open communication between the students and the administration. I am here to help and am always happy to discuss any issues. No matter the question, feel free to get in touch and ask it!

Martha Rand – JCR External Vice President [jcr.vicepres@newn.cam.ac.uk / mrr52@cam.ac.uk]

Hi I’m Martha I’m your External VP and a 1st year Engineer. My main role is to represent Newnham JCR at Newnham Governing Body and the SU Council. Please feel free to get in touch to know more!

Alice Wood– JCR Internal Vice President [jcr.vicepres@newn.cam.ac.uk / acdgw2@cam.ac.uk]

Hey! I’m Alice (she/they), and I’m a second-year historian and your Internal VP! I help the President with running the JCR, as well as sitting on College Council and Library Committee. I also organise JCR elections, and work on student engagement with the JCR. I also deal with the internal running and admin of the committee and work on our constitution. If you have any questions or ideas, I’m almost always sitting somewhere in the Iris, or you can get in touch by email or facebook!

Emily Cooper – Welfare Officer [jcr.welfare@newn.cam.ac.uk / ec757@cam.ac.uk]

Hi! My name is Emily (she/her) and I am a second-year geographer. Besides colouring in, I am one of Newnham’s Welfare Officers. My job is to provide support for students in whatever form they need it! Whether that is through events such as welfare teas, providing sexual health supplies, or helping you to navigate the mental health provision we have at Cambridge, I am here to offer a hand! So if anything is troubling you or you just want a chat then let me know! Biscuits and tea will always be provided!

Phillipa Somerset – Welfare Officer [jcr.welfare@newn.cam.ac.uk / pas208@cam.ac.uk]

Hi! I’m Philippa (she/her), a second year English student and one of your Welfare Officers, alongside Emily. I’m here to help you out if you need sexual health supplies, advice on accessing mental health support, and generally provide a listening ear in times of need. I’m always around for a cup of tea and a chat (and normally around somewhere in the iris!)

Jasmine Conley- Treasurer [jcr.treasurer@newn.cam.ac.uk / jc2329@cam.ac.uk]

Hey! I’m Jasmine, a first year hispol student and your new treasurer. My role involves writing the budget, reimbursing JCR officers and allocating funds to Newnham societies. If you have any questions, I’m often in the iris or feel free to contact me via email or facebook 🙂

Amelia Platt – Secretary [jcr.secretary@newn.cam.ac.uk / ap2273@cam.ac.uk]

Hi! I’m Amelia (she/her), a first year English student and your JCR Secretary. My main role is helping the JCR to run as smoothly and transparently as possible. I take the minutes at the weekly JCR meetings, keep the website, google drive and JCR social media up to date, and organise stash orders! If you have any questions, please get in touch. If you need support from the JCR but are unsure where to start, I can point you in the right direction. I would love to help!!

Tori Somerton – BAME Officer [jcr.bame@newn.cam.ac.uk / vms38@cam.ac.uk]

Hey! I’m Tori (she/her), a Taiwanese first-year English student and your BAME officer. Being a student of colour at Newnham can be challenging and I’m here to listen to you and to support you. Building a safe and intersectional community at Newnham, and to help you access the university wide BAME community is something I am very passionate about so please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any suggestions. You can always come to me whether it’s for a confidential chat or just to say hi : ) 

Evelyn Surman – Access Officer [jcr.access@newn.cam.ac.uk / es926@cam.ac.uk]

Hi everyone! I’m Evelyn (she/her), a first-year HSPS student, and I’m your new Access Officer! As Access Officer I’m involved with widening participation work – this includes school visits, open days, and just generally getting underrepresented people to consider Cambridge (and university) as an option! If you have any questions, or would like to get involved with access stuff, please drop me a message – es926@cam.ac.uk 🙂  

Alexia Kembia – Class Act Officer [jcr.classact@newn.cam.ac.uk/akk48@cam.ac.uk]

Hi I’m Alexia (she/they) and I’m a second year medical student. As class act officer I aim to listen to, represent, and promote solidarity for all students at Newnham who identify as having faced any kind of social, cultural, economic or educational disadvantage, which includes first generation, low income, state educated and care experienced students. I’m here to ensure that we continue to have an inclusive family while also listening to your ideas to ensure that people who fall under the class act umbrella continue to have the best possible experience here. If you have any ideas or would simply like to chat  please don’t hesitate to contact me at jcr.classact@newn.cam.ac.uk

Madi McGlasson – LGBT+ Officer [jcr.lgbt@newn.cam.ac.uk / mgm56@cam.ac.uk]

Hi! I’m Madi (she/her), a first year MML student and your LGBT+ officer. A proud member of the Newnham community, I hope you will be able to contact me with any questions and concerns. I’d specifically like to do what I can to support the needs of trans students, as well as students questioning their sexuality. I’m your contact for anything related to queer events at Newnham, the Gender Expression fund and any support you might need. Feel free to chat to me or get in touch (mgm56) 🙂

April Wells – JCR Women and Non-Binary Officer [jcr.womens@newn.cam.ac.uk / aaw46@cam.ac.uk]

Hi everyone, my name is April (she/her) and I am a first-year law student. I am so excited to be your new Women and Non-Binary Officer! My role entails being an advocate for feminist change, running Consent Workshops during Freshers’ Week and helping to educate people on feminist issues. I hope to work closely with the rest of the JCR Committee and you, the JCR body, to make Newnham an even more inclusive and safe space for everyone. This role is one I am very passionate about, and I hope that I can do it justice! If you have any ideas or concerns, please feel free to message me, or send me an email at aaw46@cam.ac.uk 🙂

Natalie Tan – International Officer [jcr.international@newn.cam.ac.uk / nwht2@cam.ac.uk]

Hi! I’m Natalie (she/her), a first-year law student from Malaysia. I’m the International Student Officer, so that means representing international students in college! Feel free to ask me questions on stuff like storage over the break, or socials ideas for cultural holidays! Else, you can always come to me if you’re feeling homesick or just want a chat (or snack) x

Rosko Delap – Disabled Students’ Officer [jcr.disabilities@newn.cam.ac.uk/ red49@cam.ac.uk]

Hello! I’m Rosko (they/them), an engineering student and your Disabled Students’ Officer! I’m here to advocate for Newnham’s disabled community and communicate with college to improve accessibility. If you have any questions at all (Crane’s fund, intermission, accomodation issues etc.) come and ask me! You are welcome to stop me in the corridor, or message me on Facebook or email me!

Katherine White – Sports and Societies Officer [jcr.sports@newn.cam.ac.uk / kw553@cam.ac.uk]

Hiya, I’m Katherine (she/her), a first-year Land-Ec and your new Sports and Societies Officer ! My role is keeping up with everything sports (and societies) at Newnham (as the name suggests haha). Whether that’s holding gym induction sessions for the freshers, sorting the new societies handbook, or helping to expand access and participation in sports at Newnham. I also hope to be a friendly face around college for anything societies related – any questions feel free to email me !!

Andrea Jenssen – Ents Officer [jcr.ents@newn.cam.ac.uk / aphj2@cam.ac.uk ]

Hi there! My name is Andrea (she/her), I am a first-year Classicist and one of the two people responsible for Ents. Together with Dewei, we plan and host bops, chill hangouts, and other fun events around Newn during term time. I am a bonafide social butterfly, so don’t hesitate to chat if you see me around, or send a message or an email! x

Dewei Kung – Ents Officer [jcr.ents@newn.cam.ac.uk / dk646@cam.ac.uk ]

Hiya, I’m Dewei (she/her), I’m a first year Engling and one of the JCR ENTS officers. I’m very excited to carry on organising fun events at Newnham as well as coming up with new and enjoyable ones to give Newnhamites a nice break from work. I also want to focus on welcoming visitors to see just how amazing our college is! Feel free to message me with questions or suggestions anytime! Xx 

Amber Heal – Halls Liaison and Administration Officer [jcr.halls@newn.cam.ac.uk / ah2149@cam.ac.uk]

Hi, I’m Amber (she/her), I’m a second year vet and the Halls Officer! My role is to communicate with college about accommodation concerns and suggestions. I’ll also be attending the Building Estates Committee and Valuable Possessions Committee meetings to ensure students are represented. I’m responsible for updating the room guide and helping to organise the room ballot next Lent term so stay tuned! Feel free to message me with any queries on Facebook or email me at ah2149@cam.ac.uk :))

Sophie Wrigglesworth – Freshers President [jcr.freshers@newn.cam.ac.uk / saw97@cam.ac.uk ]

Hi! I’m Sophie (she/her), a first year MMLer and 2022 Freshers’ President. My role is to work with the Freshers’ Committee and a lovely group of Volunteers and Subject Reps to give the 2022 freshers the warmest possible welcome to Newnham! From Q&As to a Freshers’ Guide and Freshers’ Week itself, we’ll be doing everything we can to ensure freshers feel prepared and happy to start. I know how scary starting uni can be so I hope I can provide some reassurance that it is going to be okay If you have any ideas, thoughts or just fancy a chat then let me know!

Charlotte Boggon – Green and Ethical Affairs Officer [jcr.green@newn.cam.ac.uk / cb2186@cam.ac.uk]

Hi, I’m Charlotte (she/her), I’m a first year geographer and your new Green and Ethical Affairs Officer! My aim is to make environmental action as accessible as possible for everyone at Newnham and to make college more sustainable. Feel free to talk to me via Facebook or email about any ideas or green-related things!

Cherida Zhang – Food and Drinks Officer [jcr.foodanddrink@newn.cam.ac.uk / cxz21@cam.ac.uk]

Hi everyone! I’m Cherida (she/her) a first year Physnatsci and your JCR Food and Drinks Officer for 2022! My job is to communicate all aspects of your catering needs here at Newnham. I will be involved in our menus, with the bar and cafe maintenance, as well as the Green and Ethical Affairs Officer to keep improving the way food and drinks are accommodated here. I’m a huge foodie at heart so I’m hoping to add in as much fun stuff as possible 😉 Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or suggestions you might have. Will do my best to help ❤ 

Daisy Coombs – Garden Party President [jcr.juneeventpresident@newn.cam.ac.uk / dc723@cam.ac.uk]

Hello there, I’m Daisy, Garden Party President for this summer’s may week bash. Our theme is killer and the event is going to be beaut, so stay tuned for announcements and see you all there! Contact me if you’d like to get involved.