JCR Committee

Lottie Mills – JCR President [jcr.president@newn.cam.ac.uk / cmm211@cam.ac.uk ]

Hi everybody! I’m Lottie (she/her), a third-year English student here at Newnham and the current JCR President. I chair the weekly meetings of the JCR committee, represent the students at College Council and Governing body, and act as a link between the students and the College administration, representing your interests and concerns. I’m really eager to foster an environment of open communication, where everybody feels listened to and represented, and to help Newnham be the most inclusive and compassionate college it can be. With this in mind, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions, big or small! I am always really happy to hear from you.

Roma Ellis – JCR External Vice President [jcr.vicepres@newn.cam.ac.uk / rye23@cam.ac.uk]

Hi everyone, I’m Roma (rye23), I’m a third-year Philosopher and your External Vice President. My role involves helping the President with their duties as well as any other officers with tasks all around college. I also represent the JCR on SU Council and am in charge of connecting the JCR with external bodies such as other JCRs, the SU campaigns, and Newnham alumni groups. Please feel free to leave me a message/email if you have any suggestions or questions on all aspects of college life you want raised to the JCR!

Alice Tort – JCR Internal Vice President [jcr.vicepres@newn.cam.ac.uk / at903@cam.ac.uk]

Hello! I’m Alice (she/her), a third year in History & Politics, and your Internal Vice President. In my role, I support the President, organise JCR elections and represent JCR views on College Council. I am heavily involved in the running of the committee and want to increase student engagement with the JCR. Please get in touch if you have any questions or ideas!

Katia Allen – Welfare Officer [jcr.welfare@newn.cam.ac.uk / ka513@cam.ac.uk]

Hello! I’m Kat (she/her), a third-year English Student and one of your Welfare Officers. Alongside Cadi, I host Welfare teas where students at Newnham can have some time away from work and enjoy some wholesome crafts and snacks. As Welfare Officer I am also responsible for distributing free sexual health supplies to those in college who want them. I am also someone for students to come to with any concerns relating to their personal Welfare, whether that is advising them about mental health provisions in Cambridge or just offering to listen, hug and feed you biscuits when you are down, I’m here!

Bethan Holloway-Strong – Welfare Officer [jcr.welfare@newn.cam.ac.uk / blh30@cam.ac.uk]

Hi! I’m Bethan (she/her), a third-year English student and one of your Welfare Officers alongside Kat. My job is to be a source of support for all students, signposting resources and providing a listening ear. I also run weekly welfare events (like games and movie nights) with Kat. We provide free sexual health supplies to students, liaise with College on issues of student welfare, and we’re always here to offer support and advice!

Lauren-Nicole Kung- Treasurer [jcr.treasurer@newn.cam.ac.uk / lnlqk2@cam.ac.uk]

Hi, I’m Lauren-Nicole, a third-year Economics student. My role involves overseeing the JCR budget, reimbursing committee members, and allocating funding for the Clubs and Societies grant and the Sportsperson’s grant.

Rebecca Sproston – Secretary [jcr.secretary@newn.cam.ac.uk / ras240@cam.ac.uk]

Hi! I’m Rebecca (she/her), a second year History student and your JCR Secretary. My main role is helping the JCR to run as smoothly and transparently as possible. I take the minutes at the weekly JCR meetings, keep the website and google drive up to date, and organise stash orders! If you have any questions, please get in touch and I’d love to help!

Naphysa Awuah – BAME Officer [jcr.bame@newn.cam.ac.uk / na541@cam.ac.uk]

Hello! I’m Naphysa (she/her), a 2nd year HSPSer. As your BAME Officer I am very excited to start putting on events over the next year to help build a closer-knit community of students of colour at Newnham. I’m very passionate about intersectionality, so I expect to be working with the other liberation officers a lot. I want to be able to lend my ear and keep my finger on the pulse, as I advocate for your needs at Newnham, and beyond! I want justice and joy for everyone, forever, and I can’t wait to get started!

Nabiha Ahmed – Access Officer [jcr.access@newn.cam.ac.uk / na540@cam.ac.uk]

Hello! I’m Nabiha and I’m a second-year English student. As your Access Officer, my role is all about widening participation in Cambridge through Newnham. My aim is to encourage people from under-represented backgrounds to apply to Cambridge, making sure that they have the information and resources to do so. Newnham is such a welcoming and empowering environment and there are many ways to get involved in access projects here. If you would like to get involved in Newnham’s access work, have any questions, or just want to talk, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

Jenny Smith – Class Act Officer [jcr.classact@newn.cam.ac.uk / js2518@cam.ac.uk]

Hey, I’m Jenny (she/her) and I am a third year Historian and your new Class Act officer! The Class Act aims to support and encourage working class, state-comp educated, low-income, first generation, estranged and care leaver students during their time at the University of Cambridge, and this will be my role on the JCR. As class act officer I hope to provide a welcoming space where students falling under the class act umbrella can form an inclusive and friendly community at Newnham, while taking on your ideas to provide the most useful service possible. If you see me around, please say Hi and don’t hesitate to email me at jcr.classact@newn.cam.ac.uk with any questions or suggestions about the Class Act at Newnham

Pablo Malkinson-Gregori – LGBT+ Officer [jcr.lgbt@newn.cam.ac.uk / amm308@cam.ac.uk]

Hi! I’m Pablo (they/them) and I’m a 2nd year Bio Natsci student and your LGBT+ officer. I’m here to advocate for and support any LGBT+ students at Newnham, including closeted or questioning individuals. Newnham has a really thriving LGBT+ community that I’m so proud to be a part of- I hope to help it grow by holding events at Freshers’ Week and through the year, alongside making it easier for closeted and questioning individuals to access events and resources without compromising their privacy. If you have any questions, need any support or want to know more about getting involved in the LGBT+ community at Cambridge, email me or shoot me a message on Facebook (under the name Alicia Malkinson-Gregori)!

Renée Eshel – JCR Women and Non-Binary Officer [jcr.womens@newn.cam.ac.uk / re362@cam.ac.uk]

Hey ! I’m Renée (she/her), your Women and Non-Binary officer. My role is about trying to make Newnham a safe and welcoming space for all women and non-binary people. A large part of this involves working on our trans admission process, campaigning to ensure the use of a self identification model. I also coordinate with others in the University’s Women’s Campaign (WomCam) through attending weekly meetings, feeding back and making sure the college procedure on dealing with sexual misconduct matches their recommendations. I will be running LGBT+ inclusive consent workshops in Freshers week and other events throughout the year (feel free to drop me a message if you have any cool ideas!) . Apart from that I’m here to have any confidential convos about anything that concerns you or what you want to see happen at college!

Leonie Kallis – International Officer [jcr.international@newn.cam.ac.uk / lk478@cam.ac.uk]

Hey! I’m Leonie (she/her), your JCR International Officer. My role is to represent the international community of students at Newnham. Part of my role pertains to acting as a point of contact between students and college and disseminating students’ concerns making sure that their voices are heard. Studying overseas, although daunting, can be an incredibly educational experience in and of itself. I hope to create a welcoming and tight-knit community of international students at Newnham that makes living overseas more enjoyable and fulfilling. Hoping for music, film and welfare events to come. Please don’t hesitate to email or Facebook message me :)))

Syd De’Ath – Disabled Students’ Officer [jcr.academic@newn.cam.ac.uk / id351@cam.ac.uk]

Hi, I’m Syd (they/them), a second year HSPS student and your Disabled Students’ officer. My role is to advocate for disabled students at Newnham and work with college to improve accessibility; I also want to help connect our disability community through social events. I’m always happy to help with any concerns you might have, such as AMAs, intermission and accommodation issues so please get in touch by email or Facebook! 🙂

Beth Taylor – Sports and Societies Officer [jcr.sports@newn.cam.ac.uk / bt377@cam.ac.uk]

Hey! I’m Beth (she/her), a third year Engineer, and your JCR Sports and Societies Officer. My main aim is to get everyone active again, whether that’s a trek to Peile or running a marathon, I believe any type of activity can be super beneficial for both mental and physical health. I hope to increase the participation of Newnhamites in all types of sport, at both College and Uni level, by setting up some more friendly gym and sport introduction sessions. Keep an eye out for my weekly emails for updates on all things sports at Newnham! If you have any questions or want more information then drop me a facebook message or an email and I’ll be more than happy to reply 🙂 

Talulah Thomas – Ents Officer [jcr.ents@newn.cam.ac.uk / tat34@cam.ac.uk ]

Hey !! I’m Talulah (she/they), your JCR Ents officer. My role focuses on organising fun and inclusive events here at Newnham. I aim to collaborate with many of the other JCR officers to host engaging events that prioritise mutual care, community, and radical creativity. If you would like to get involved with organising or have any cool ideas for this next year’s events programme, feel free to drop me a message or email me. I hope to ensure a safe space for us all to try new things, make memories and most importantly — have a good time!

Eanna Ferguson – Halls Liaison and Administration Officer [jcr.halls@newn.cam.ac.uk / esf35@cam.ac.uk]

Hi, I’m Eanna (she/her) and I am the JCR Halls Officer for 2021! My priority is to make college a welcoming, safe and inclusive space for everyone. I can act as a point of contact between students and Tutorials, ensuring that everyone feels their requests and concerns are conveyed regarding the room ballot and in any other halls related area, and generally supporting students in any capacity possible regarding rooms and life in college spaces. Alongside my work on updating the room guide, I am also committed to making provision of social spaces easily available, sustainable and accessible throughout college, and ensuring the views of both the JCR and students are represented on the two committees I sit on (BEC and VPC). I am always open to any suggestions or questions, so please feel free to drop me an email or message :))

Emily Cooper – Freshers President [jcr.freshers@newn.cam.ac.uk / ec757@cam.ac.uk ]

Hey! I’m Emily (she/her), a second year Geographer and the Freshers President for 2021. The Freshers Committee and I will work together to welcome the freshers to the Newnham community and I can’t wait to meet them all! From the moment everyone gets their offers, my aim is to support the freshers in any way I possibly can. From Instagram Q+As to a jam packed freshers week and a THICK freshers guide, I’m looking forward to what this year holds, even if it means adapting to a certain C word. So if you have any ideas, thoughts or just want a chat and a biscuit then I’m always here!

Alice Wood – Green and Ethical Affairs Officer [jcr.green@newn.cam.ac.uk / acdgw2@cam.ac.uk]

Hey! I’m Alice (she/her), your Green and Ethical Affairs Officer 2021/22. When I’m not reading for my history degree, I’m working on making college a more sustainable place and raising awareness about environmental issues. I’m always up for a chat (at jcr.green@cam.ac.uk) and I can’t wait to run some green events after covid!

Kitty Beck – Food and Drinks Officer [jcr.foodanddrink@newn.cam.ac.uk / khb31@cam.ac.uk]

Hi! I’m Kitty (she/her), a second year studying Psychological and Behavioural Sciences, and I am your JCR Food and Drinks Officer! My role is to liaise between the JCR committee, the Bar Manager and Catering Staff, to propose new, exciting ideas for our Buttery, Cafe and Bar. I will be working with the JCR Green Officer and ENTS Officer to ensure we have a large range of formals, events and general foodie fun! Make sure to follow the Instagram account I run for our college buttery @newnhamcollegebuttery to see all the delicious food we have to offer as well as the daily menus. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding anything to do with the buttery, cafe, bar or formal food please get in touch!

Ella Tasker – Garden Party President [jcr.juneeventpresident@newn.cam.ac.uk / et462@cam.ac.uk]

Hi ! I’m Ella (she/her), a third year MML student and your Garden Party President ! My role on the JCR is to elect and head the Garden Party committee which will be in charge of budgeting and organising Newnham’s much loved Garden Party in May week. This year the committee will be organising both an in-person and virtual event, due to the currently uncertain situation with coronavirus, ensuring that we can celebrate Newnham’s gardens in some way, no matter what! The committee and I work closely with Newnham’s senior members of staff on any matters related to the Garden Party. I also represent Newnham at all the city council meetings relating to the May Week events and also represent our Garden Party on the May Ball Presidents’ Committee.