JCR Funds

  1. Sportsperson’s Grant: A grant that supports Newnham Students playing sports for a University team!

The deadline for applications is usually the Thursday of week four of Easter term, and it is distributed by the Friday of week five. It will be clearly advertised via email and JCR Facebook pages.

To be eligible for this grant you must:

  • Be an undergraduate and member of Newnham College JCR
  • Play for a University Sports Team/Club

All applicants should submit the following to the Junior Treasurer:

  • A very detailed breakdown of all expenditure in the past year
  • Any receipts to support expenditure
  • Details of any applications made to other sources and money granted from these
  • Name, email address and bank details
  • Signature of the team’s captain or coach

No expenses for social events/entertainments may be claimed.
Unreasonably large expenses will be returned to the applicant for resubmission.

If the total applications exceed the allocated funds, each applicant’s request may be treated as a percentage of the total applications made. Each applicant may then receive that percentage of
the total funds available.

  1. Clubs and Societies Grant: A grant to support the running of Newnham College Clubs and Societies!

The application deadline is usually the first week in November and funds are usually distributed by the end of the following week.

All applications must be accompanied by:

  • A detailed breakdown of the club/society’s budget for 2020-21
  • The account books and receipts for 2019-20
  • The latest bank statement
  • Statistics of the number of JCR and MCR members for 2019-20 and estimates for 2020-21

JCR money may be spent on:

  • Hire of rooms
  • Photocopying, stationary, postage and equipment
  • Speakers’ expenses
  • Modest amount of food for speakers and those at speakers’ meeting

Political or religious societies cannot be funded from this source.

This money may not be used for the purchase of alcohol.

This money cannot be used for purely social activities (e.g. meals and parties).

Any club/society with a turnover of more than £500 a year must appoint a Senior Treasurer (A DOS) and details of this person given to the JCR Treasurer.

Please note that this grant is for college societies only

  1. Equipment Fund:

The student equipment fund was set up to allow the purchase of large items of equipment (usually >£1,000) that are difficult to fund from yearly recurrent income to the JCR and MCR, with oversight by the JCR Senior Treasurer. Proposals should include the equipment, its purpose, any ongoing costs it will incur and how it will be held securely.

Please email jcr.treasurer@newn.cam.ac.uk for more information