JCRs (the rooms)

Most colleges have a JCR ( Junior Combination Room) that students can use like a common room/living area. Newnham currently has two JCRs, one on first floor Clough, and one on first floor Peile. These have sofas, tables and TVs with DVD players – they are perfect for having small events like birthdays or movie nights! To top it off, the JCR Committee has just purchased six comfy new bean bags, there are two in each of the JCRs now- make sure you try them out!

These are open during the term and are free for all to use. To book a JCR please do this online by filling in this form. You need to be a current member of the college and after filling this form in your booking will be passed automatically to the Senior Porters. Please make your booking at least 24 hours before your event.

As well as the JCRs, there are a number of places in college that you can book for a large gathering or party, such as the Barbecue by the playing fields, the Dorothy Garrod Party Room, or even the college bar!