As well as referring to the committee that represents undergraduate students, a ‘JCR’ can also be a student common room, which students are free to use. They’re great places to chill out, either alone or with friends, and Newnham currently has 2 – on the first floors of both Clough and Peile.

The JCRs can be used for:

  • sitting and chilling (alone or with friends!)
  • an alternative study spot
  • watching TV or DVDs, or you can connect your laptop to the TV for a larger Netflix screen!
  • reading (both JCRs have a collection of books and magazines)
  • hosting a society meeting/gathering/party

As well as the JCRs, there are a number of places in college that you can book for a large gathering or party, such as the Barbeque by the playing fields, the Dorothy Garrod Party Room, or even the college bar! You can book them at: https://apps.newn.cam.ac.uk/ofms/srb/book