Kitchens and bathrooms

The bathroom facilities closest to your room will depend upon the part of College that you are in. Whilst the new Dorothy Garrod rooms are all en-suite, as are a couple of the Sidgwick rooms, the vast majority of students will have communal bathrooms.

The exact amount of toilets/showers/baths in a bathroom varies, as will the amount of people sharing them.  There is nothing stopping you from using other bathrooms if needs be! Bathrooms are cleaned every weekday.

Kitchens are also shared between students on a corridor/in a cluster of rooms. Like bathrooms, kitchens can vary in size and furniture – some will be big and have tables, others will be smaller with no table space. Microwaves, hobs, and fridges are all supplied in kitchens, whilst the majority have ovens (and you should be able to access one if your kitchen doesn’t!), so it is entirely possible to self-cater if you wish.

Newnham kitchens also contain lockable storage -generally a cupboard for each of the students using it. If you want to bring other appliances to use (e.g. rice cookers, kettles, blenders) they will have to be PAT tested by College, and must follow the appliance guidelines set out in your accommodation contract. Please note that no sort of deep fat fryers are allowed in Newnham kitchens! As with bathrooms, kitchen surfaces are cleaned every weekday.