Newnham is a brilliant place to be LGBT+, we have a big and active community with people from all across the spectrum! Here, you can comfortably be yourself and find acceptance and support.

There’s a big range of LGBT+ related events going on both in-college and university-wide. At Newnham, we have a regular film night with fab LGBT+ related films and snacks, but we also do picnics, game nights, swaps (a Cambridge concept where you meet people from other colleges at a restaurant/formal hall) and pre-drinks for the club night!

The Student Union’s LGBT+ Campaign (CUSU LGBT+) puts on events all year round, ranging from speaker-events, coffee meets and forums to bar nights and the annual Ball and Garden Party.

Committee generally includes lots of Newnhamites, so you’ll always see a familiar face.

The JCR LGBT+ role is not just about running fun events, but also support. So the JCR LGBT+ officer is there if you want to talk to someone about being LGBT+, need directing to resources or just have any general question about navigating the sea of identities and concepts.

If you have any questions feel free to get in touch with the current LGBT+ officer (details on the JCR committee page)!