As part of our Literary Archive Poetry celebrations on the afternoon of Saturday 28th February, we need some student volunteers in the Library to help us showcase Newnham poets past and present. Jobs we need help with include meeting and greeting alumnae and their guests, guiding members of College and visitors around the various library displays of poets past and present, and introducing members of College and visitors to our guest poets who will be talking about their work. Do get in touch with Debbie Hodder ( if you are interested in helping, and let us know which jobs particularly appeal to you!

Please see the programme below and we will of course be offering tickets to students to come and hear the talks by our eminent poets; if you come to help you get priority.
Please also let us know if you would be interested in participating in the afternoon poetry workshop – you don’t need to be an English student – if you are a budding poet and would like to join it – we want to hear from you!

D. Hodder – Head Librarian
P. Hubbard – Development Director & Registrar of the Roll


Manifesto Deadline Extended

Hi Everyone!

Since not all of the roles have been applied for, you still have a chance to apply for a JCR position!

The new manifesto deadline will be midnight tonight!

The JCR is open to anyone (including first years) who can complete their term of office. Each position lasts for one year. Absolutely no experience is required – simply enthusiasm and good ideas 🙂

The positions available are:

A manifesto should be a 400 words – semi-poster – including a photo of you and up to 400 words about yourself and why people should vote for you. It should be signed by two of your friends at college who aren’t running for elections this time.

Have a go, you won’t regret it!


JCR Vice President

Freshers’ President

Hi everyone! :)

I'm Fruzsi, and I'm the Freshers' President this year.

The role of Freshers' President is one of the roles to take
over in the elections coming up!

The main part of being Freshers' President is organising next
year's Freshers' Week. For this, you will have to set up your
committee, make the Freshers' Handbook, and get the programme
for the starting week. You are also in charge of organising
college families and subject reps. (You can talk to the
ents officers and share this task) One of the good things
about this role is that you end up doing most of the work for
Freshers' week over the summer so it doesn't eat into too much
of your time in Cambridge.

As Freshers' President, you also attend weekly JCR meetings
in which the JCR discusses problems and issues within college.
It's a great way to get involved in college life and you get to
find out more about how Newnham works.

Being Freshers' President is great fun, as you get to meet all
of the freshers and you can create their first week according to
your image of a perfect start, and you get to re-live Freshers' Week!

Everyone can apply, even if you are a fresher!

So what should you do now?

1.)Write a manifesto for Thursday!
What is a manifesto? It's a short essay (max 400 words) about you,
the role you would like, and why people should vote for you, what
you would bring to the role.

2.)Get two people to sign it!
Once you've done this, you have to get the paper version signed
by two other students, who aren't running in the elections.

3.) Send other copies!
Please send an electronic version to
and pidge Immy a paper copy (signed).

4.)Come for the Hustings on 16th November!
And give a short speech (~2 minutes) about your intentions, and
answer some questions, to convince everyone that you are the best
one running for the role!

If you've got any questions about the role of Freshers' President and
what it involves, feel free to ask away!

Fruzsi x

JCR Elections – reminder

Hello Everyone!

Just a reminder that the deadline for manifestos for JCR elections is 

JCR is a lot of fun and being on the committee allows you have a 
meaningful impact on college life.  Anyone can run for election, and no 
previous experience is required - all you need are some great ideas and 
lots of enthusiasm.

The positions available in the Michaelmas are:


Your manifesto should be a maximum of 400 words and the paper copy 
should be signed by a proposer and a seconder (two other members of the 
college who aren't running for election).

Please send me a digital version and pidge me a paper copy by midnight 
on Thursday.

Hustings will be held at 4pm on Sunday in the Barbara White Room.  Each 
candidate will be invited to give a 2 minute speech about why you should 
vote for them and there will be an opportunity to ask questions.

If you have any questions, email me and I will get back to you as soon 
as possible.

Best Wishes,

Newnham JCR Vice President

JCR President

Hello all! I’m Katie, the JCR President, and you might know me from my
irritatingly chirpy weekly bulletins, or perhaps from my gangly-red
headed bumbliness. Anyway, I’ve had an absolute blast as JCR President –
and I really think you should consider running!

What does the role entail?

As JCR President, you are THE main conduit of communication between
senior members and students. You are the representative of student
opinion in college, and in this position sit as a member of Newnham
College’s Governing Body and on Joint Committee. You formulate reports
and surveys to gauge student opinion, and then have the opportunity to
make REAL GENUINE CHANGE for the good of college!

You organize and chair weekly JCR meetings with your brilliant and
dedicated committee to discuss, and most importantly, act on, issues
which affect students. And organize lots of fun stuff too!

You sit on CUSU council, and vote on issues that affect the entire
student body of Cambridge – making sure that the opinions of Newnhamites
are reflected and noted in any policy initiatives.

You get to speak in front of everyone at Matriculation dinner – and get
pride of place next to the Principal for the free smack-up meal.

Being JCR President gives you the best possible platform for making
worthwhile change – and if that’s not reason enough to run, then check
out these additional incentives:
• As JCR President, you get the SWAGGEST CRIB in Newnham, complete with
telly and sofas.

• You also get invited to loads of free lush dinners – formal halls,
governing body dinners and even Michelin starred restaurants

• Going to cusu council means you get loads of free pizza

• You get to call yourself president. Even if no one else does. But they
should. Because you are actually a president.

• It looks bloody AMAZING on your CV, and you will get lots of emails
from companies wanting to employ you.

• DEDICATION. It does take up a lot of time, but if you are really
passionate about the role, you won’t mind too much.

• ORGANIZATION. You have to be really good at organizing meetings, have
good time management, be very efficient and answer lots of emails.

• CONFIDENCE. You absolutely must not be afraid to speak out, ever.

• CARE. You should care about Newnham, Newnhamites and people in


Too right you do! Well here is what you need to do!
Elections Timeline
MONDAY 17th NOVEMBER – 7am – Midnight – VOTING

Your manifesto should be no more than 400 words and should include: your
name, the role you are applying for and something about why people
should vote for you/what you would bring to the role.

The paper version must be signed by 2 members of the JCR – a proposer
and a seconder. These cannot be running for election.

Please send an electronic version to
and pidge Immy a paper copy (signed).

Remember that online campaigns are strictly not allowed.

If you have even the tiniest interest in representing students’ voices,
please run! No previous JCR experience is necessary – I didn’t have any
– but what is needed is commitment!

And if you want an idea of how much change a JCR President really can
make, check out my final farewell bulletin on Friday.

PLEASE EMAIL ME if you have any queries, I’d be more than happy to help!
– Tonight: Principals Lodge Career Women Seminar at 6 p.m.

Katie Akers
JCR President
Newnham College

Academic and Disabilities Officer

Hi everybody!
As you probably all know by now, there are a certain number of JCR
positions up for grabs. Academic and Disabilities Officer is one of
them! Let me tell you a little bit about what this role encompasses:
The Academic and Disabilities Officer forms part of the general welfare
team at Newnham, which also consists of the Welfare Officer, LGBT+
Officer, Women’s Officer and the President. Through this role, you are
expected to attend weekly JCR meetings and termly meetings of the Safety
Committee and Joint Committee. The role of the A&D Officer is varied.
Firstly, you act as a point of contact for students who may be
struggling academically, with disability, or with other welfare issues.
You are not expected to be able to give professional advice, but can
provide a confidential listening ear and direct students towards other
sources of help that are on offer. Secondly, you can choose to organise
events, such as study skills sessions, support groups and disability
awareness sessions. Also, as a member of the JCR, you are in a position
to contribute ideas towards more general college issues. Through my
role, I have run Academic Tea, which provides a forum for discussion as
well as a comfortable working environment. There is a budget for this,
so the money doesn’t come out of your own pocket. I believe there will
be a nice surplus for the next officer coming in so anyone interested
might want to consider whether they could put this to good use!
There is a lot of scope within the role to pursue different ideas that
interest you. For example, you may be keen to bring up issues of
disability access with college. There is a lot of flexibility and you
are not expected to tackle everything. Good communication skills and the
ability to effectively and professionally liaise with senior staff
members is important.
I’ve loved being Academic and Disabilities Officer, and it has given me
a great insight into the way in which the college is run. I would fully
recommend that anyone interested applies! It’s a very rewarding role and
will look fantastic on your CV. If anybody has any questions they would
like to ask, don’t hesitate to email. REMEMBER, the manifesto deadline
Good luck!
A&D love,