Sports and Societies

Newnham has a wide range of college societies and clubs, including sports, drama and music.

For more information about all the sports and societies check out the sports and societies handbook and the intro videos to find out how to get involved!

Please email the JCR Secretary if there are any updates to committee members or if you are setting up a new society to keep this list up to date!

Newnham Sports Societies

Newnham Sports SocietyContact
BadmintonLucy Coleman (lbc35) and Thimani Bakhai (tb658)
ClimbingDarinka Szigecsan (ds911) and Dot Grose Forrester (dg566)
Footballlba Eisner (ase30)
St John’s Hockey Team (we play with them!)From John’s: Emily Smith (efs30)
From Newnham: Hannah Lowrie (hl573)
Intro To the GymBeth Taylor (bt377)
LacrosseJasmine Ventham (jv428) and Sophie Wilson (sw956)
NetballKat Heylen (keh79) and Jo Goad (jg933)
PaddleboardingMaddie Lewis (mal91),  Orianne Breakspear (ohb23) and  Darinka Szigecsan (ds911)
Newnham College Boat ClubBeth Taylor and Amy Rowe (
Ultimate FrisbeeKazimir Uzwyshyn-Jones (kiu20)
YogaJasmine Cooper (jdc52)
Newnham Dramatic SocietyEmma Griffiths (eg634)

Some university sports societies also have a Newnham rep, who you can contact if you are interested in their sport. This is just a fellow Newnhamite who can help you get involved and be a friendly face at training!

University Sports SocietyNewnham Rep
AthleticsJoanna Olatunji (jo430)
BadmintonHelen Linwen Yan (hly21)
HockeyRosie Stevenson (rjs261)
Ice HockeySophie Truepenny (smt68)
OrienteeringSarah Pedley (sep71)
TriathlonEvie Anema (ea487)

Other Newnham Societies

Newnham SocietyContact
Newnham Art SocietyInes De Larrinaga (imd34)
Newnham College Book ClubKatia Allen (ka513) and Alice Tort (at903)
Newnham College Business & Finance SocietyLauren Diamond (ld595)
Newnham Environmental Justice SocietyDarinka Szigecsan (ds911)
Newnham Postgraduate Tabletop SocietyCat Watts (crw54) and Jialei Ding (jd916)
Newnham College Feminist SocietyNuvpreet Kalra (nk548)
Newnham Modern Languages SocietyNiamh Sayers (nss60)
Newnham College Natsci SocietyRuiqi Koh( rqk20), Rebeka Papp (rp665) and Rachel Tan (rt530)
Newnham Outrageously Obvious Bisexual SocietyHanna Doherty (hd448)
Newnham College Poetry SocietyLottie Mills (cmm211) and Bethan Holloway-Strong (blh30)
Newnham College Politics and Debating SocietyCharlotte Armstrong (cea52) and Mia Sawjani (ms2653)
Newnham College Quiz SocietyLauren Diamond (ld595)
The Raleigh Music Society
– Newnham Orchestra
– Newnham Choir
– Voices of Newnham
Marcella Keating (mk2028)
Seville Law SocietyAbigail Bolton (acb217)
WORKiT!Aneesha Nadkarni (an580)

Some university societies also have a Newnham rep, who you can contact if you are interested in joining and they can help you get involved!

University SocietyNewnham Rep
Cambridge Inter-Collegiate Christian UnionBeth Wilson (ew583) and Estera Ulrich-Oltean (effu2)
PoliticsAlice Tort (at903)
Ski TripFlorence Bradshaw (feb45)