Subject Reps!

Your subject reps are there to answer any subject-related questions you may have. The students below are 2nd and 3rd years, who’ll be contacting you before you arrive to get to know you and introduce you to your coursemates. Their email addresses are below if you have any questions before then – feel free to get in touch with them! If it says ‘tbc’ by your subject, we haven’t found a rep for you yet, but hopefully we will soon! Get in touch with Emily if you have any questions, or if your subject has been left out.

SubjectRepEmail (
ASNaCImmy Cornishikc24
ArchaeologyFanyi Wengfw359
ArchitectureFreya Douganfd379
AMESEster Ulrich-Olteaneffu2
ClassicsKatherine Williamskw504
CompSciAtreyi Chandaac2354
EngineeringJasmine Ventham, Maimuna Hassanjv428, mh2068
EnglishNaomi McKeownnbm29
GeographyLaura Dionysio-Lilad57
HistoryAlice Wood, Rebecca Sprostonacdgw2, ras240
History and PoliticsOlivia Castle, Alice Tortoc319, at903
History of ArtEve Cobbec761
HMLEilidh Broughceb231
HSPSNaphysa Awuahna541
LawAbigail Boltonacb217
MathsIman Simo, Ciara Dawsonimls2, cad81
MedicineVicky Ridervr349
MMLCharlotte Martin, Emily Gibsonclcm2, emg71
MusicSophie Maddensm2523
BioNatSciCatherine Priorcbp34
PhysNatSciEce Washbrook, Stella Rodgerserw48, scr66
PhilosophyMaddie Flackmcf58
PBSMolly Leach, Kitty Beckml977, khb31
TheologyKatherine Gregorykmg44
Vet MedAmber Healah2149