The Bar

Newnham’s newly built bar, the Iris, is the place to go to in the evenings to relax with friends and enjoy the delicious and super-affordable drinks on offer.

The bar is cashless so you can pay by card or on your Camcard.

You are welcome to bring guests into the bar (from other Colleges or from home).

Opening Hours:

Opening times will be in the weekly email from the JCR President and posted in year group group chats.


In order to work behind the bar, you must be inducted. Inductions are carried out at the start of Michaelmas by the staff manager (see societies page for contact info). Not only does working in the Bar allow you to gain great experience – giving you CV points –  all bar staff are paid at least £8 an hour! We’re always looking for more volunteers to work the bar so please get in touch if you’re interested.


If you wish to book the bar please fill in this form:


If you have any queries about the bar, email