The Buttery

The Buttery is the name of Newnham’s cafeteria, which serves food seven days a week (aside from a few days’ closure during Christmas and Easter). Currently, students pre-pay a certain amount of money to spend in the Buttery (you can find out more about this here). The great thing about Newnham is that we have both the Buttery and really good kitchens, so you can either cook for yourself or be entirely catered for, depending on your mood, schedule and cooking abilities! The Buttery is very relaxed; as well as being a great place to meet up with friends, you are welcome to bring your own food down, or to get your food in a take-away carton and eat somewhere else.

The Buttery serves four hot main courses for both lunch and dinner: usually a meat, a fish, a vegetarian and a vegan dish, with additional sides. There are also sandwiches, soups at lunchtime, a big salad bar, a range of drinks, and a choice of hot or cold desserts! Brunch at the weekend is popular among students, serving up a range of classic cooked breakfast items.

The prices and times of meals in the Buttery (Newnham’s Cafeteria) can be found below: