Useful Contacts For Freshers

Fresher’s Pres

The Freshers’ president is your representative on the JCR Committee, and they’re here to help you settle in as smoothly as possible. Feel free to send any questions their way — their address is below.

JCR President

Our JCR president is Hanna Doherty.  Any questions you have can be sent their way and they’ll do their best to answer them or find someone else who can. You can reach them

Admissions Officer

The college admissions tutor, Dr Sam Lucy, is in charge of the administrative side of admissions. If you have questions about accommodation, fees, or similar things of an administrative nature, she’s probably a good person to ask. She can be reached at

Welfare Officers

The Welfare Officers are in charge of the JCR’s welfare services for all years, and they’re always available should you need to get in touch with them. The current officers are Emily and Syd. You can reach them at

Tutorial office

The tutorial office is responsible for accommodation, pastoral care and many other things. The tutorial administrator, is reachable at