What’s in your room?

The exact items included in a bedroom varies, but there are some that are universal:

  • Bed (+ linen). The majority of beds are single but most of the ones in the new Garrod building will be double.
  • Desk and chair
  • Storage (e.g. wardrobe, shelves, chest of drawers)
  • Table lamp
  • Pin board
  • Bin
  • Picture rails and picture hooks

Other items such as lockable storage, armchairs, sinks, mirrors and bureaus are also common. When you first move into your room, you are given a room inventory listing all the items belonging to the college in your room which you have to sign and return to house-keeping.

You are free to decorate your room as you like once you are in college. However, you are not allowed to use Blu-Tack or any sticky tape to fix items directly to the walls (picture hooks and pin boards can be used for this!).