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From our president…

Hi there! You’ve found the website for Newnham’s JCR (Junior Common Room), the student committee that represents the undergraduate members of our college.

Newnham College is so much more than just a place to study. To so many students, Newnham is home. If you’re a current student, I certainly hope that this is the case for you and that you find whatever information it is you’re after (and if you get stuck or have a suggestion for improving the JCR website, just let me or someone else on the JCR know).

An extra special welcome if you’re here because you’re thinking of applying to Newnham (please do)!  Have a look around, get in touch to ask any questions you have or to hear about our experiences, and maybe have a look at the Instagram account run by the wonderful Olivia (newnham_jcr).

Hope that you find what you’re looking for! My email address is jcr.president@newn.cam.ac.uk if not!

Rachel Mander

President 2016-2017