Formal Hall

Formal Hall is a three-course meal (plus tea/coffe and mints) served to you by the catering staff in the beautiful Clough Hall. You are expected to wear your gowns and most people dress up nicely too. You can bring up to two guests to any weekly formal. One bottle of wine can be brought into the hall per two people with a corkage fee of £1.

Everyone has a chance to go to free formals during their time at Newnham. You cannot invite guests to these formals. During Freshers’ Week, you have Matriculation Formal to celebrate your enrolment to the college. And every year you will be able to attend a Subject Formal, where all undergraduates, graduates and senior members of your subject sit and eat together.

During term time, Newnham usually has one formal a week around midweek. The meal starts at 7.30pm, by which time you must be seated. 

Formal Halls must be booked in advance -you can do so here: Here you can include any dietary requirements for you and your guests, and look at the menu and dates for upcoming formals. The cost of the formal will be charged to your next College Bill.