Room Booking Information

The Room Booking System at Newnham has recently been updated, and here is your (hopefully) easy to follow guide to booking rooms in college!

Please check here to see how to book your room!

The main change is that the majority of room bookings now go through the conference office ( and a risk assessment for every booking must be completed. Mel and Fran in the conference office are not taking any conference booking this year so they can focus on supporting any student or society in making bookings. Please feel free to ask them any questions you have about the process or filling in the risk assessment. They are available from Monday to Friday (from 8am to 5pm), so please make sure any weekend bookings get completed well in advance.

  1. Contact Mel or Fran in the conference office to request a booking form and risk assessment
  2. Fill in the booking form and risk assessment provided and email it back to conference. This may seem like a big task but conference have made it as simple as possible and their template is very quick and easy to complete!!
  3. Conference will assess the plans for your event and may make suggestions on any changes that need to be made before it’s accepted
  4. Once your event is legal, your room booking will be confirmed
  5. The keys for your room should be collected from the porters lodge by your responsible person and returned once the event has finished
  6. When you have finished with your room you must self clean it, with the cleaning equipment that is provided and following the instructions in the room. Here is a video to make this as clear as possible. There are 10 minutes between bookings to clean the room.
  7. Please stick to your allocated times to ensure that there is no crossover between groups
  8. No more than the maximum number of people designated to the room are permitted
  9. Please only use the bin to put wipes in and take all other rubbish away with you

Due to the 2m social distancing in place the room capacities are much lower this year. These can all be found below so you know the maximum capacity for each room when you are booking:

RoomTheatre StyleBoardroomClassroom
Lucia Windsor171015
Lucia Windsor- Section 11255
Lucia Windsor- Section 21255
Jane Harrison
Sidgwick Hall12610
Old Labs1257
Cynthia Beerbower331312
Cynthia Beerbower- Section 11266
Cynthia Beerbower- Section 21266
Milicent Garrett FawcettN/A8N/A
Anna BatesonN/A8N/A
Supervision Room 1N/A4N/A
Supervision Room 2N/A4N/A
Supervision Room 3N/A4N/A
Supervision Room 4N/A4N/A
Supervision Room 5N/A4N/A
Supervision Room 6N/A4N/A
Coach House 101N/A4N/A

Hope this makes everything as clear as possible! Please get in touch with the JCR Secretary (Emma) at if you have any further questions about the process and please contact conference ( if you want to book a room.