Newnham Library

Get Involved!

If you would like to get involved with the displays in the library, there are a variety of different opportunities!!

Here is a guide on how to get involved!!

The library is a great place to work with many books (90,000 and counting!) and desks available – it’s rare to not find a space when you need one! The majority of these have power sockets, with the exception of a couple of the larger tables on the ground floor of the Yates Thompson Library. You can leave up to six books on a desk for three days, as long as you leave a reservation slip with them!

Features of the library:

  • A computer suite with 9 PCs
  • A print room – print, scan and photocopy items; this will get charged to your College Bill
  • A media room, which includes a computer, and a comb-binding machine (for all those coursework projects!)
  • Standing desk in basement
  • A group study room – this has 4 PCs and can be booked and supplied with a projector during staff hours
  • Borrowing is now up to 10 books for one week, with automatic renewals so long as nobody else requests the book)
  • DVD collection

Library Opening Times:

  • 6.30am-1.45am, 7 days a week (during term time)
  • Staffed hours: 9am-1pm, 2pm-5pm, Monday to Friday